Roasting Tray 3650 CC + Heavy Poly Lids & 2.5 Inch Deep



Aluminium foil roasting tray: this aluminium foil tray is very thick not unstable tough hold for simple dealing with and serving.  Our expendable foil covers include closable trimmed edges on the tops that rapidly seal the skillet and the covers firmly that the food will remain fresh. Prevalent warmth conductivity: withstands temperatures of up to 500 Fahrenheit to help heat food uniformly, and your food won’t have the flavour of aluminium. Multi-reason: ideal for providing food party divides, searing, heating, and simmering container, cakes, pies, meals, cooking, stove, and steam table cookout, BBQ, chafers, smorgasbord or takeaway. Furthermore, considerably more, it is cooler safe holders to store away your tasty food. Helpfully reusable and expendable: aluminium take-out compartments permit you can send visitors home with extras without stressing over getting your aluminium plate back! Discard the foil bundling when you don’t want to clean, or effectively hand wash and use them later as they are reusable! Foil plate and foil covers steam table profound half size container, gastronome skillet inside and out produced using eco-accommodating recyclable aluminium and with heavy foil lid. Made in UK.


10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100


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